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This is the Small Business Association’s main program for $350,000 to $5 million loans, with terms of 7 to 25 years.


This government-guaranteed loan for financing real estate or equipment has low contribution requirements.


SBA Express Loans & Line of Credit

This is a good option for those who need working capital loans under $350k. The simplified application process and quick turnaround time make this an appealing alternative to the standard 7(a) loan.

Export Working Capital Loan

Loans designed to help American small businesses expand their export activities. These are best for businesses engaging and growing in international business.

CAP Lines

This program has five SBA lines of credit designed to provide up to $5 million to help small businesses meet their working capital needs.

Membership required. On approved credit.  For more information visit Account Information, Terms & ConditionsCurrent Rates, and Fee Details.

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The Benefits of Business SBA Loans for a Credit Union Consumer

A Straightforward Process
Borrowing through a credit union is a satisfying experience because of its simplicity and straightforwardness. This is to enable customers to get their loans in no time. At American United Federal Credit Union, we understand you do not have the luxury of wasting time or energy applying for a loan that will not work for you. That’s why we have a simple lending process.

Low-Interest Rates
Interest rates at American United Federal Credit Union are much lower than other banks in the market because of the high competition from the leading financial companies in Utah. Interest rates often depend on the loan type and the amount you borrow. Interest rates are usually between 4% to 7% for business SBA loans but can be even lower than that, depending on your credit history, income, and other financial considerations.

Flexible Financing
Utah’s SBA loans are a very flexible financing option because you can use the money for almost any personal or business reason. As long as it benefits your financial growth, we have no problem processing that loan. You only need to apply and wait for approval when borrowing the funds. This is done through our simple online application, which takes less than five minutes.

Flexible Repayment Schedules
American United Federal Credit Union offers many payment plans that can be tailored to your budget. You can choose a standard loan repayment plan or an alternative payment option if needed, depending on how much you earn and what will work for you financially. The repayment period also varies with different loan types.

The Benefits for a Credit Union Consumer for Personal Home Loans

Limited Paperwork in the Application Process
We value our customers and their busy schedules. As such, we try to reduce paperwork while processing our personal loans. Unlike taking out a loan from various financial institutions in Utah, where you need to provide so much paperwork before qualification, we look at your income and determine whether you qualify to borrow. If it does, we proceed to approve and process your loan within 24 hours, depending on the day’s workload.

Multiple Payment Options
Our personal loans have a flexible payment plan to suit your financial ability and requirements. We understand that not all our customers make the same income every month, so different payment options are available.
We can set up five repayment plans for you, ranging from 12 months to 60 months, depending on how much you earn and how much you can repay per month.

Faster Processing
Since we value our customers, American United Federal Credit Union processes loans in less than 24 hours when you apply online. This is due to our straightforward application process, where all information required to process the loans is presented upfront. That’s why many customers prefer to borrow from us because our process is convenient and fast.

Your Credit Score is Not a Problem
With American United Federal Credit Union, good credit scores are not the sole consideration when issuing loans. As long as you make enough income and meet the minimum requirements, we can usually process your loan.