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CardNav® App

The ultimate app for managing your credit and debit cards

With CardNav®, easily customize your card controls and monitor your card activity in real-time. Set spending limits, turn your card on/off, and geo-target where it can be used - all from your smartphone. Download now for free.

Manage your cards with ease using CardNav®

CardNav® allows you to navigate when, where, and how your cards are used. Enjoy complete control and visibility of your credit and debit cards using our simple smartphone app. Customize and manage how your credit or debit card is used in real-time and experience the next level of card security. Download the free CardNav® app and start navigating your way through a whole new level of security today! Available free from American United Federal Credit Union.

Available Controls:

  • Location controls – how and where the card can be used.
  • Turn your card on/off with ease
  • Geo target specific location the card can be used
  • Set specific threshold spending limits
  • Include/exclude merchants

Secure your cards your way with CardNav®


The Ultimate Card Management App

Customize your card controls and monitor your spending with CardNav® from American United Federal Credit Union. Geo-target specific
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What can you do with CardNav®?

Who will CARDNAV® benefit?

How to get started

What can you do with CARDNAV®?

  • Get alerts when…
  1. Amount charged is over your set spending limit
  2. Card is used outside of your specified areas
  3. Card is used at a merchant type you don’t allow

Who will CARDNAV® benefit?

  • Businesses keeping track of company cards
  • Parents wishing to monitor their children’s spending
  • Individuals seeking extra security and total control for their card

How to get started

  • Launch the app on your device
  • Tap the Login Button
  • Create an account by providing the card credentials and going through user verification checks. (Information will not be stored on device)
  • Tap the Submit button and agree to Terms and Agreements
  • Create user profile
  • Finished! Ready to use CardNav®