Contactless Banking

American United has had Online & Mobile Banking for many years, and as we move forward in this technologically savvy and mobile driven world, we have implemented many digital tools for our members. As people strive to keep their distance and avoid unnecessary social interactions, American United Federal Credit Union is working to provide even more options to accommodate social distancing and fast paced lifestyles.


Enroll in Online Banking

American United Federal Credit Union provides free online banking for all members. To register, simply visit, select “Online Banking” at the top of your screen, and click “Register for Online Banking” in the pop-up window to sign up. Or, simply click “Enroll Now” below.

With online banking, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply for Loans & Credit Cards
  • Check Your Balances
  • Set Up Automatic Payments
  • Link Accounts
  • Transfer Money
  • View Spending Reports
  • Report Suspicious or Fraudulent Activity
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American United Federal Credit Union is proud to provide our members with contactless banking solutions that help prevent the spread of airborne and surface borne illnesses while also providing the highest level of accessibility and convenience. Review the ins and outs of contactless payments so you can benefit from these safe and convenient time-saving solutions.

What Is Contactless Banking?

Contactless payments have been growing in popularity over the past few years. In fact, you’ve probably seen the “tap to pay” icon or slogan at payment terminals in your area. To make payments with this type of technology, simply scan your contactless card or your mobile device with the wallet app-enabled.

How Does a Contactless Card Work?

You can make contactless card payments with debit and credit cards that have NFC at payment terminals that also have NFC. This technology, known as near-field communication, uses radio frequencies to send a secure signal between the merchant’s computer and your bank.

When you see the tap to pay symbol on your card at grocery stores and other locations, just hold the card within a few inches of the terminal for a few seconds. You’ll hear a buzz or beep and see a notice to indicate that your payment method was accepted.

How Does a Mobile Wallet Work?

You can also use contactless technology at the point of sale with your smartphone or smartwatch. If you have an Apple device, simply add your payment card to Apple Pay, or do the same on Samsung Pay if you have a Samsung device. When it’s time to pay at the merchant terminal, open the wallet app and activate the card data. Hold the device within a few inches of the terminal, and you’ll hear a sound and see a visual note indicating acceptance of your payment.

Both Apple and Samsung currently use NFC technology. Samsung is also compatible with an older type of contactless payment tech called magnetic secure transmission (MST).

What Stores Accept Contactless Payments?

You’ll find that you can make contactless payments at most of your usual stops in the Salt Lake City area and beyond. More locations than ever before offer contactless payment technology in the United States, including restaurants, pharmacies, retail stores, and services from most major chains and smaller businesses. In larger cities and increasingly in small towns, you may be able to use your smart card for mass transit, taxi service, vending machines, on your college campus, and in countless other areas. Major credit card companies, including American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard, all support contactless transactions.

How Do Credit Card Companies Secure Contactless Payments?

You already rely on the safety technology in this type of card if you have an EMV chip card. These transactions use a one-time token to represent your actual card number, which means your real data remains secure. This encryption system is actually much safer than the traditional magnetic strip used with older credit cards. In fact, the U.S. Payments Forum certifies that EMV effectively reduces fraud with proper use.

Mobile wallets offer even more protection for your financial data. These payment methods offer more than just convenience; they also add the security of requiring facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, or a numeric PIN to complete transactions.

How Has Disease Transmission Driven Adoption of Contactless Payment?

The publication Payments Journal surveyed its readers in March 2020 and found that 30% began offering contactless payment after the beginning of the pandemic. About 70% of those individuals said they would continue using this type of tech in the future. Forbes reported that contactless use increased by 150% in the United States between March 2019 and June 2020.

In December 2020, CNBC reported data from the Pew Research Center in which 33% of U.S. adults said they use no cash in a typical week and data from Experian indicating that millennials use their digital wallets for about 10% of purchases.

What Are the Benefits of Contactless Payments?

The reduced physical contact associated with these transactions helps stop the spread of viruses and other germs. These are some of the other benefits our customers note with the adoption of contactless cards from American United Federal Credit Union:

  • Faster transactions. The Fintech Times journal reports that while normal payments take at least 30 seconds, contactless payments take an average of 15 seconds.
  • Enhanced convenience. You don’t have to carry around your credit card, wallet, or purse while running errands and risk losing irreplaceable items.
  • Flawless security. With this type of card, you can notify us to block transactions as soon as you lose or misplace your card. The chip carries integrated protection against unauthorized use.

Contact the team at American United Federal Credit Union today to get your contactless card or learn more about membership. We’ve been serving clients who live, work, worship, and attend school in Tooele or Salt Lake County for generations, pairing the latest technological advances with a strong commitment to community values.

Mobile Banking

You can also bank with American United by using our free mobile app. Download the app for Apple and Android devices to access your accounts wherever you are. On your mobile device, visit the App Store or Google Play and search for “AUFCU” or “American United,” then download the app for free.

With the the American United mobile app, you’ll be able to:

  • Login to your Account (Must sign up for Online Banking before proceeding)
  • Apply for Loans
  • Deposit Checks
  • Check Your Balances
  • Set Up Automatic Payments
  • Link Accounts
  • Transfer Money
  • View Spending Reports
  • View Pending Transactions

Make A Loan Payment

You can always pay an American United loan within Online or Mobile Banking by transferring funds from account to account. Now you can make a payment on an American United loan using an OUTSIDE Credit Union’s or Bank’s debit or credit card. And it’s fast and easy!

How to make a loan payment:

  • Click the “Make a Payment” button below or from the homepage
  • First Time Users click “Register” button, then follow the prompts to quickly register
  • Once registered, simply fill in your email and password to log in
  • Select your account to pay
  • Choose how you would like to pay (Bank Account or Card)
  • Complete the “Payment Information” or “Enter Bank Information” screen
  • Verify Payment & Payment Confirmation screens follow
Make A Payment

Online & Mobile Banking Options

Once you’ve set up online & mobile banking, you’ll have access to numerous options to control and monitor your accounts from wherever life may take you:

Review Your Account

Keep track of your spending, review your transactions and monitor deposits, all without visiting a branch. You can review your finances no matter where you are. We make it easy to keep track of your money on the go.

  • View Recent Transactions
  • Monitor Account Activity
  • See Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposit Funds

Life is busy, which is one reason we upgraded the online services to include Mobile Deposit. Use any of your mobile devices with a camera to deposit checks for free.

  • Log In And Make Deposits From Anywhere
  • Easily & Quickly Deposit Funds
  • Enjoy Security – We Utilize The Highest Security Measures To Ensure Deposits Are Correct

Transfer Funds

We make it easy to transfer funds between accounts on the go. You can set up one time or recurring money transfers, review previous transfers, or just move money between your accounts.

  • Initiate Automatic Payments
  • Move Money Between American United Accounts
  • Review Past Transfers

Pay Bills

Save yourself the worry of paying your bills late with American United’s free online bill payment service. Quickly and securely pay all of your bills: Utility, gas, mortgage, medical and credit cards from one convenient location using your computer, handheld or tablet. End the hassle of writing checks, paying postage and wondering if they arrive on time.

  • Access Bill Pay from your mobile phone
  • Receive email and text notifications
  • Send gift checks and donations
  • Dashboard management tool which gives easy access to your full financial picture
  • Increased member support through the message center, email and live chat
  • Ability to set up email payments
  • A true business Bill Pay option

Customize Account Preferences

It’s easy to customize the way your accounts are displayed by utilizing account preferences. Customize the order in which your accounts are displayed, give them custom names, and link separate American United accounts to be viewable in the same dashboard.

  • Rename Accounts
  • Personalize Your Viewing Experience
  • View Multiple Accounts In One Location
  • Change Your Security Questions & Password

Customize Alerts & Notifications

We know you’re busy, and you don’t have time to constantly monitor your accounts. By customizing your alerts, you can be sure you’ll receive the information you need about your accounts when you need them.

  • See When An Account Balance Is Low
  • Manage Text & Email Notifications
  • Enable/Disable Specific Alert Messages

Utilize Money Desktop

MoneyDesktop is a personal financial management solution that is integrated directly with American United’s online banking. It is used to combine all your internal and external financial accounts into one area, allowing for a quick overview of all of your financial accounts.

  • Log in to your Account (Need to sign up for Online Banking before proceeding)
  • Under Services, select MoneyDesktop

Payment Text Reminders

No more worrying about forgetting to make a loan payment! You can now opt-in to receive payment text reminders. The text reminders will also include a link to our online payment tool, which will make setting up payments as easy clicking a button.


  • To OPT-IN to text reminders, text “americanunitedfcu” to 32576
  • When you receive your text invite, simply reply YES
  • You can reply HELP at any time for additional assistance information
  • You can text STOP at any time to opt-out of text reminders

Easily Apply Online

We make it easy to apply online. From basic membership to applying for an auto loan. Apply quickly and securely with American United’s online applications.

Become A Member: Easily become a member of American United Federal Credit Union by taking a few moments to apply online. You’ll enjoy fantastic service, great rates & membership rewards!

Auto Loans: Get into your dream car with an auto loan you can apply for from anywhere.

Credit Cards: Apply for a VISA® Credit Card. Whether you prefer your card to give you cash back or help you earn rewards, we’ve got a card for you.

Personal Loans: We know unforeseen circumstances can pop up any time. That is why we made it easy to apply for a personal loan online. Get the relief you need when you need it.

Online Inquiries

We make it easy to inquire online and start the process of being approved for mortgage loans, home equity lines of credit and business loans & lines of credit.

Home Equity Lines Of Credit: Use the equity in your home to consolidate debt or finance your next big project or trip.

Mortgage Loans: We offer several different mortgage loan options so our experienced loan officers can help you get you into your dream home with the right loan.

Business Loans & Lines Of Credit: We want to help your business grow and succeed. We offer business loans & lines of credit for every business need.

Contactless Payment Options

Contactless payment applications utilize near-field communication (NFC) or radio frequency identification (RFID) in order to communicate your card information to point-of-sale terminals. This allows you to quickly and easily pay at terminals without having to physically interact with them. Contactless payment has become so commonplace that you can now use it at millions of businesses worldwide.

It’s also easy to set up a contactless banking application on your phone and link it with your American United Federal Credit Union debit or credit card. Below are some links to instructions for the most common contactless payment applications.*

Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list of contactless payment methods. New ones are being created all the time. You may find others which are a better fit for your needs.

Apple Pay®

If you’d like to set up contactless payments on an iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® or Apple Watch®, consider using Apple Pay® for contactless payment. You can visit Apple Support for simple instructions on how to set up Apple Pay® on your device.

Samsung Pay®

Samsung Pay® is an easy contactless banking option for those with Samsung® mobile phones and tablets. You can download the app from Google Play® here. Follow these steps to add your card and you’ll be set to start making contactless payments!

Google Pay®

Google Pay® is a contactless payment application which should work for most Android® devices. You can download Google Pay® from Google Play® here. Easily add a payment method – such as a card or bank account by following these instructions.

In addition to allowing for touchless transactions at point-of-sale systems, many contactless payment applications also provide other features. Some will allow you to easily transfer money to acquaintances, quickly make purchases online, and store multiple credit, debit or even gift cards digitally on your mobile device.

*American United Federal Credit Union is in no way affiliated with [email protected], Samsung® or Google®. Nor does American United endorse any contactless payment application affiliated with these companies.

ATMs & Drive Thrus

Take advantage of Drive Thrus and ATMs to access your account when you’re on the go. Remember, you can access your account at many more locations than just American United branches. Because American United is part of a Co-Op, which includes hundreds of credit unions, you have access to more than 5,000 branches and over 2,000 self-service locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and military bases around the globe!


CardNav® allows you to navigate when, where and how your cards are used. Enjoy complete control and visibility of your credit and debit cards using our simple smartphone app. Customize and manage how your credit or debit card is used in real time and experience the next level of card security. Download the free CardNav® app from the App Store® or Google Play® and start navigating your way through a whole new level of security today!

Available Controls:

  • Location controls – how and where the card can be used.
  • Turn your card on/off with ease
  • Geo target specific location the card can be used
  • Set specific threshold spending limits
  • Include/exclude merchants

Secure Banking

We utilize the latest in security and encryption measures to ensure that your data is kept secure. Bank on the go with confidence, knowing that we take your data privacy and financial security seriously.

  • Enhanced Encryption
  • Customizable Security Questions
  • Change Your Password Any Time

Find a Branch / ATM

We’re here to serve you. Find an American United Federal Credit Union branch near you.

Find a Branch / ATM

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