personal loans personal loan

Loans for any type of purchase.

  • No loan fees
  • Quick & easy approvals
  • Convenient eStatements
  • Online & Mobile Banking
  • Loan payment protection

Membership required. On approved credit. Rates subject to change. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

Signature Loans

The versatile loan for any type of purchase. No collateral necessary.

  • Terms up to 60 months
  • Access to end of year Member Reward Dividend
  • No loan fees

Rates as low as 9.24%2 APR

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Share Secured Loans

Put up your own savings as collateral to borrow at a nice, low rate.

  • Terms up to 120 months
  • Access to end of year Member Reward Dividend
  • Loan payment protection

Rates as low as 3.00% 1 above savings rate APR

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Consolidation Loans

Downsize your monthly loan payments, combining almost any debt.

  • Terms up to 84 months
  • Refinance high interest credit card debt
  • One low monthly payment

Rates as low as 9.24%2 APR

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Credit Builder Loans

The best option when you need to build good credit.

  • Term of 24 months
  • Build credit
  • Access to end of year Member Reward Dividend

There is no table with that id!

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Overdraft Line of Credit

The perfect addition to your Checking Account.

  • Avoid insufficient funds fees
  • Refinance bounced checks
  • Great alternative to “Payday” loans
  • Improve your weekly cash flow
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How Do Personal Loans Work?


Personal loans have some benefits that differentiate them from other loan types, such as automobile loans or mortgages.

  • Personal loans are unsecured, which means you don’t have to put forth any collateral to get approved.
  • They are simple and straightforward; they require only your signature and less paperwork than other types of borrowing.
  • This type of lending is for flexibility. Personal loans are available for almost any purpose, including debt consolidation.
  • Personal loan payments are easy to budget for because they have a fixed rate for a set length of time up to 60 months.

Why Should I Get a Personal Loan with American United Federal Credit Union?

At American United, personal loans have no fees and the approval process is fast. Statements are delivered electronically, and you have access to a full suite of online and mobile account management tools. We also offer loan payment protection to protect your credit in case the unexpected happens. You even have access to Member Reward Dividends distributed at the end of each year. All you need is a membership with American United and approved credit.


What Are Some Common Reasons Members Use Personal Loans?

Members love the flexibility of a personal loan. Here are a few everyday situations that lead members to apply for this type of loan.

  • Personal loans are suitable for paying off credit cards because the interest rate is usually lower. The fixed interest rate on the personal loan can also be preferable to the variable rate of most credit cards.
  • Personal loans can help pay off unexpected medical bills, such as an emergency room visit or a child’s need for braces.
  • Emergency home needs, such as a refrigerator that dies or a heating unit that fails, can be remedied with personal loans.
  • Personal loans can pay for vacations when you really need a getaway.
  • Upgrading your home and renovating your living space can be financed through a personal loan.
  • Personal loans can pay for a dream wedding for yourself or one of your children.
  • You can grow your family using a personal loan to help cover adoption costs.

How Do I Start the Personal Loan Process?

For your convenience, you can start the loan application process right online. If you prefer a more personal touch, call to apply over the phone or visit one of our branches to get started in person. No matter how you apply, you’ll get a fast and friendly response to let you know the next steps. Contact us today to see how easy it is to build a personal loan into your budget.

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