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Overdraft Line of Credit

Avoid fees from insufficient funds

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Overdraft line of Credit

Overdraft Line of Credit

Avoid insufficient fund fees on your checking account

  • Automatic overdraft protection up to your approved credit limit
  • Minimum loan amount is $100
  • You only pay if there is a balance on this loan
  • Interest-only payments
  • Improves your weekly/monthly cash flow
  • Cost is a fraction of the amount charged for insufficient funds ($25 fee) or courtesy pay ($20 fee)
  • Meets the loan product requirement for GoldStar® Membership
  • Eliminates the embarrassment of a declined transaction or the frustration of a returned check
  • Online & Mobile Banking
  • End-of-Year Member Reward Dividend
  • Free account access at any CO-OP Shared Branching location
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For me, adding this optional Overdraft Line of Credit to my primary checking account was a no brainer. I didn't realize before having it how expensive insufficient fund and returned check fees cost. Now I don't have to worry about that and can spend confidently knowing that my card won't get declined with a cart full of groceries. That has happened to me in the past. 

American United FCU Member

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Overdraft Line of Credit Rates

Rates up to date as of July 3, 2024. Rates subject to change without notice.

Account TypeAnnual Percentage Rate
Overdraft Line of Credit118.00%

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Membership required, on approved credit, and rates subject to change at any time without notice.
1. Loan payment calculation is 2.00% of balance or $20 minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an Overdraft?

An overdraft occurs when members do not have enough money in their checking account to cover a transaction.

What if I don't have an Overdraft Coverage on my checking account?

Unfortunately, you will be charged a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee of $25 per overdraft transaction. For check overdrafts, you will be charged the NSF $25 fee by us, the check payment will be blocked, and you will likely receive a returned check fee from the merchant. For debit card overdrafts, for most transactions your card will be declined at the point of sale and you won’t be charged an NSF fee. However, there are some debit card transactions that will be charged the NSF fee, such as when buying gas at the pump. In this example, if you have a $10 balance and spend $20 on gas, the transaction will go through because your balance shows a positive balance, but will be charged the NSF fee by us because the transaction went through with insufficient funds.

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Save yourself from the inconvenience, embarrassment, and money spent on fees with the options below.

  • Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Automatic Transfer from another account
  • Courtesy Pay to ensure your payment is accepted
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