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Our Donation Policy

American United FCU are active supporters of our local community and are committed to support local events, activities and organizations which offer opportunities to communicate our key core values.  Continuing the legacy of “Helping When Others Won’t” in our community. Your community is our community!

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About our Donation Policy

Typically, American United FCU seeks out organizations with small budgets and direct community impact. Not all requests can be honored, and those that are not submitted at least 8 weeks in advance, that are incomplete, or that are to benefit individuals or for profit organizations will not be considered.


American United FCU has developed a set of guidelines to help evaluate support and donations. We reserve the right to deviate from these guidelines as necessary to meet the ongoing goals of American United FCU.

We focus our community investment on:

  • Youth Sports & Education
  • Arts and humanities
  • Community or public service
  • Health and education

Request for support will not be considered from:

  • Political or religious organizations;
  • Projects which degrade, exclude or offend minority community groups;
  • Projects that create environmental hazards;
  • Programs that uphold principles of respect that are any less than those we apply to our own people;
  • Programs that involve the taking of unnecessary risks, and/or which may put public safety at risk;
  • Individuals

How to Apply

Organizations applying for a donation needs to submit a completed Donation Request Application. When completing the Donation Request Application, make certain the following items are clearly identified:

  • Description of the organization & purpose;
  • How will our donation be used to support your organizations cause;
  • The amount requesting

All organizations who meet our guidelines are eligible to receive a donation. However, organizations may only apply for and receive a donation once every 12 months.

Each organization approved for a donation will be notified through email and will be forwarded a W9 form that will need to be completed before the donation can be processed. Organizations may be asked to display literature or share information on behalf of American United FCU.

Completed Donation Request Applications can be submitted:

By Fax

By Email
[email protected]

By Mail
PO Box 1030
ATTN: Stephanie Braun
West Jordan, UT 84084

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