Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt

Read what our members, Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt, said about their credit score moving from the 580’s to the 700’s!

“Our experience working with American United Federal Credit Union has been nothing short of a life changing experience. We came to AUFCU 18 months ago looking for a loan and that is when we met Quaeisean Scott. Our credit score was 580 and when most institutions would not entertain the idea of providing a loan it was Mr. Scott who treated us with dignity, respect, honesty and most importantly like we are real people. Quaeisean has helped us rebuild our credit every step of the way and we are proud to say in just a short 18 months we are officially in the 700’s! It is the professionalism and experience of Quaeisean and the AUFCU staff who make all the difference in people’s lives and securing a better future. They truly live up to the name of “American United” and they have our business for life!

Thank you AUFCU and Quaeisean Scott for bettering our lives and our financial future! With sincere gratitude, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt”

Thank you for being members, Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt. We have loved serving you!