Jarrod S.

Read what Jarrod S. has to say about how American United was able to help him recently:

“I had opened a “payday” loan in August, and by the first payment in September I realized that I couldn’t afford the payments. I went in to AMUCU, at the VA branch, and they worked with me to improve my situation. I’m a veteran, on a fixed income, and originally thought I could pay off the “payday” loan quickly. It was going to be over $500 per month for 9-months (over $4500 in total payments), when the original amount I borrowed was only $1800. The team at American United credit union, was able to get it refinanced, so now my payments are only $183 per month for 12-months. I will be able to save over $2500 in interest alone, but monthly payments are $300 lower. I have been so pumped that AMUCU was able to help me!”

Thank You Jarrod, for trusting American United credit union to help you get out from underneath those high interest payday loans.