Juli M.

Juli M. shares her journey of how American United was able to help her refinance her home and give her a better financial foundation after some difficult personal circumstances in her life.

“I want to express my gratitude for Juan Andrade, at American United Credit Union, he is the best! I divorced back in 2010 and it has been a journey getting back on my feet and feeling like I am in control of my life. I experienced financial stress with attorney fees, late payments, and a poor credit standing. I also lost a son to a drunk driver in the midst of everything else I was going through. It was a lot to deal with.
The stress of dealing with my former husband and trying to come to an agreement with my house situation took a toll. It was back and forth whether I was going to be able to remain in the house or not. This caused so much stress. It finally came down to I either needed to sell or refinance to honor the divorce decree. Again, more stress as I started to look at my options.

I met with a loan representative at my financial institution and he told me I would need to get my credit in better standing before he could do anything to help me, it was pretty bleak. I was given information with another mortgage lender and they were willing to help but it was going to cost me about 15 – $20,000 to refinance with them because of my poor credit. They were looking at me as someone who was desperate and didn’t have any other options. I was also hoping with the refinance to take out some cash to finish my basement. This option wasn’t going to help make this possible.

I have been a member of the credit union for almost 30 years and decided to see what my options were with AMUCU. At this point I met Juan Andrade. He looked at my credit and gave me options. He said that he could help! He listened and was genuinely interested in helping me. He treated me like a person instead of only looking at me as a risk. After we talked and decided on a plan we moved forward in the process. We looked at my credit and he came up with a plan to help me. He was able to get me enough money to take care of my attorney fees which had continued to increase due to interest, I had enough to pay off all my debt and still have enough to finish my basement! The terms of my loan were temporary and Juan gave me loan options to work towards as soon as I could get my credit in better standings.

I went back after 6 months to see if I could qualify to refinance at a better rate. My credit score had increased tremendously due to the plan Juan came up with. I was not only able to refinance at a better rate, but also decreased the length of the loan and my payment. It was a seamless process! Two weeks later I have an amazing loan I can work with, more money for much needed repairs and updates and the peace of knowing I own my home. Thank you Juan, and American United Credit Union, I can’t put into words the gratitude I feel.Thanks again for everything, Juli M.”

Thanks for sharing your story Juli, and for being a member of the American United Family!