Maatafa V.

Read about our member, Maatafa V., and his experience with how we were able to help her and her husband lower their auto rate and reduce their term, saving them over $8,500 in interest. We can help refinance your auto loan too!

“My name is Maatafa V. I have been a member of American United for 4 months. One day I came to Silvia to ask more questions about how to build my credit score or maybe get a loan. She told me that my husband and I could do an auto loan, I told her that my husband’s credit score was really bad, but she told me would could at least TRY. So I thought why not. We started everything and to my surprise we got approved. We needed to call and get a 10 day payoff from GM Financial, I was shocked when they said that I owed $37908.17. We bought the car for $38000 and had been paying that loan for 16 months at $907 a month. I guess we were just paying them not for the car, WOW!

I just want to thank American United credit union for everything. We love you guys, especially Silvia.”

Thank you Maatafa, it is such a pleasure to have you as a member!