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VISA® Rewards Debit Card

Get extra rewards from everyday spending

Explore endless rewards and seamless redemption options, from gift cards to travel, with the VISA® Rewards Debit Card, featuring a user-friendly website, in-store payment flexibility, enticing bonus point promotions, and no annual fees or reward limits.

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VISA® Rewards Program


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VISA® Rewards Program

Earn 1 point for every $4 dollars you spend

The VISA® Rewards Debit Card offers a user-friendly redemption website with thousands of options across various categories, allowing points to be redeemed for a wide range of rewards including gift cards, cash, and travel. 

  • Easy to navigate redemption website with 1000’s of choices across different categories
  • Redeem points for gift cards, cash, fuel, entertainment, grocery, travel, products, & more!
  • Pay with points in-store at checkout at select retailers and gas stations
  • Occasional promotions that offer up to 4x more bonus points on purchases
  • No Annual Fees or Reward Limits
  • Ability to link multiple cards
  • 5-year expiration of points
  • Reward Points are only awarded on Non-PIN based purchases

Smart Cents Savings

Build your savings by rounding up to the nearest whole dollar

The Smart Cents Saving allows members to opt-in and choose to round up transactions individually or aggregate daily totals, with no fees, offering automatic transfers to a selected savings or club account and the opportunity to earn monthly dividends on balances of $50 or more.

  • Choose to round up on each individual transaction or the aggregate of the day’s total transactions
  • Requires opt-in to Smart Cents Program
  • No monthly or annual fee to participate
  • Member may select primary savings or club account for automatic transfer
  • Earn monthly dividend on savings account balances $50+

Instant Issue Cards

All VISA® Cards printed in minutes at any branch location

Instant issue cards provide immediate access to new, lost, or stolen VISA® cards, available in various design styles, with the convenience of changing your PIN at any branch location.

  • Instant availability of new, lost, or stolen VISA® cards
  • Can be printed in a variety of design styles
  • Easily change your PIN number at all branch locations

CardNav® Manager App

Helps you determine when, where, and how your VISA® cards are used

The CardNav® mobile app allows you to enhance card security by setting restrictions, location controls, spending limits, merchant preferences, activity alerts, and offers these features without any fees.

  • Place restrictions on your cards for increased security
  • Location Controls
  • Turn your card on/off in seconds
  • Set specific threshold spending limits
  • Include or exclude specific merchants
  • Set alerts to notify member of various activities
  • No fees

Verified By VISA®

Added protection for secure online purchases

The service offers an additional security layer at no cost, requiring further verification for flagged online transactions, potentially prompting members to contact the provider before authorization.

  • Extra security layer to help prevent unauthorized online use
  • No fees for this service that goes beyond the standard fraud protection
  • Requests additional verification when an online transaction is initiated
  • May ask the member to contact us prior to authorizing the purchase if flagged as suspicious

Additional Features

Just a few more highlights

Additional features include unlimited transactions, access to over 30,000 ATMs, EMV Contactless Card technology for tap-and-go payments, VISA® Zero Liability Protection for lost or stolen cards, and the opportunity to earn an End-of-Year Member Reward Dividend.

  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Access to over 30,000 ATMs
  • EMV Contactless Card technology for tap-and-go payments
  • VISA® Zero Liability Protection for lost or stolen cards
  • Earns End-of-Year Member Reward Dividend

Report Lost or Stolen Card

Call our local contact center at 801-359-9600 during business hours

Call 800-682-6075 after hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What are considered non-PIN based purchases?

“Non-PIN” or “PIN-less” debit card purchases are transactions processed through a debit network without the need for a PIN entry. A personal identification number (PIN) is not required for transactions performed over the internet, phone, or mail. PIN is only applicable when you are physically present at the point-of-sale during the purchase or withdrawing cash from an ATM.

How much does it cost to replace a VISA® card?

VISA® cards that are worn from use and no longer work are replaced for free. To replace a lost or stolen VISA® card, it costs $5.00 the first-time and $10 for each additional replacement card.