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Earn cash on every purchase.

Get cash back for using your credit card. Cash back credit cards allow consumers to obtain significant cash paybacks over time. Earn cash rewards on everyday purchases merely by using a cash back Visa. Our credit union pays back a percentage of each of your purchases automatically at the end of your billing cycle. No more needing to request your cash back. Yes, it’s that simple.

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Cash Rewards for Online Shopping

Our cash back Visa credit card gives 1% cash back on every purchase. Use your card and see some of that money come back to you each month. For example, if you were to spend $200 on your credit card for online shopping during each billing cycle, you’d see $2 come back to you. It may not sound like much, but it’s essentially a way to get price breaks on everything you buy online.


Cash Rewards for Gas Shopping

Another way to receive rewards is through cash back for gas stations. Use your cash back Visa credit card for all your gasoline purchases and see some of that money come back into your bank account of choice each month. Rebates are automatically deposited monthly into your preferred bank account. Think of it as a way of buying discounted gas for your vehicle.


Build Your Credit

Smart consumers know when to use their credit cards and when not to. Staying within your means is very important not only for family budgeting and long-term financial planning but also for your credit score.

One way to boost your credit score is to use your credit card consistently each month while saving enough to pay it off regularly. If done correctly, you can save money with your credit card purchases while also increasing your FICO score.


Simple Credit Card Reward Options

There are many different credit cards available, all with several different reward options. Some of these are great for certain consumers, but getting bogged down in the details of which is the best type of card for dining or travel can get confusing. Furthermore, some reward cards offer their incentives in the form of gift cards or a statement credit. Our cashback Visa is simple. Save money on every purchase and get money back to your account of choice.


Get Your Cash Back Visa Card Today

Having a cash rewards credit card can be a great way to save money and build credit as long as you use the best personal finance practices. Get started today with rates as low as 12.90% APR and ensure safe purchases with VISA®’s Zero Liability protection.

  • 1% Cash Back on Every Purchase
  • Rebate automatically deposited monthly
  • VISA®’s Zero Liability protection

Credit Cards

Account TypeAPR 12
VISA Platinum9.90%
Business Cash Back VISA9.90%
Personal Cash Back VISA12.90%
  1. 1. Rates and financing are based on applicant’s credit worthiness and the term of the loan. Rates quoted are annual percentage rates (APR).
  2. 2. Minimum limit is $200.00 unless part of a promotional program.

Membership required. On approved credit.  For more information visit Account Information, Terms & ConditionsCurrent Rates, and Fee Details.

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