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Member Services

American United enjoys every opportunity to provide additional, value-added financial services to our members. The following Member Services were created to continue to enhance your membership in the credit union.

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Identity Protection

We are pleased to provide a new and enhanced identity fraud protection program which offers our members the most valuable identity protection and recovery services available today.

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Member Rewards

Towards the end of every year, American United chooses to reward our members with a special reward dividend. Members must claim their dividend here.

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VISA Rewards

Learn more about our VISA Rewards credit card.

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Safe Deposit box

Your privacy is guaranteed and only you know what’s inside. As an added benefit, some insurance companies charge lower insurance premiums on valuables kept in a safe deposit box instead of at home.

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Money Desktop

Check out Money Desktop, a free program from American United Federal Credit Union. Simply log in to your online account and start using Money Desktop for free!

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EFT / Wires

At American United you can electronically transfer funds to/from your account to another financial institution. Come in to any of our branches or for our online banking members initiate your transfers online.

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We know you’re busy and cannot always make it into a branch to do your banking. By providing a variety of online and mobile banking tools, our members receive the best financial services and products available.

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CardNav allows you to navigate when, where and how your cards are used. Enjoy complete control and visibility of your credit and debit cards using our simple smartphone app.

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