Richard C.

Richard C. shares his experience of how American United was able to help him begin to rebuild his credit:

“I was at the VA for rehab and needed a place to set up the deposit of my VA benefits. I went in to the American United branch, on campus, and the staff treated me with care and respect. They were able to open me an account, and got a share-secured VISA loan to start rebuilding my credit. No other institution would help me because I didn’t have good credit. The VISA helped with my travel back home to Idaho. About a month later, I was able to increase the limit because my deposits began. I have felt like I was given the royal treatment, each time that I come to the branch. All the staff seem to care about me and my needs. I plan on using American United for my future loans.”

Thank You Richard C. for allowing American United the opportunity to serve you. We appreciate your business!