Online program completely customized to your financial goals and needs.


"Tips to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success", "Is Social Media Influencing Your Spending Habits?", and more.


Calculators, Retirement Analyzer, Home Affordability, Credit Card Pay Down, and more.


Saving for Goals, Emergency Fund, Estate Planning, 529 Plans, and more.


“Why 'Budget' Is Not a Dirty Word", "Make a Budget That Meets You Where You Are Now", and more.


Insurance, Smart Borrowing, Preparing for College, Budgeting, and more.


Analyze Credit Report, Consolidate Debt, Emergency Savings Fund, and more.


Free Budgeting Software Connected to Your Finances – Login to Online/Mobile Banking to View


Did you know that you can access your free credit report once per year, authorized by Federal Law? This is a great first step in getting to understand your credit score, your credit profile, and determining your immediate financial goals. Access your Free Credit Report here.

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What is Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness is a measure of your relationship with your finances. It is the state of having a healthy, happy, and stress-free relationship with them.

To have stable financial wellness, you should have enough savings for emergencies.
If you’re in California or Utah, we have your back. We will love to help you out, and you will love your way to financial freedom.

Our Services and Products
We offer over-the-phone self-service and face-to-face alternatives.

Personal Banking
Auto Loans: You can explore vehicle loans at affordable rates.
Credit Cards: You will get your credit card with no annual at low fixed rates.
Checking: Your daily checking will be more straightforward. We offer free unlimited check writing.
Savings: Your savings service will be more accessible with us. We offer mobile deposits at competitive rates.
Loans: You can get all types of loans at meager rates.

Business Banking
Business Credit Cards: We offer efficient credit cards for all businesses. They have no annual fees nor balance transfer charges. They also come with handy eStatements.
Loans & Lines of Credit: We give our customers loans to start a new business. Or, we support existing businesses to grow further.
Cash Management: We provide a service that helps customers maintain liquidity.
Member Services
TruStage Insurance: Dependable insurance gives you peace of mind. It also gives you financial relief when needed. Our TruStage insurance protects what matters to you.
Identity Protection: At American United, we have also enhanced our fraud protection program. This way, we can offer safety with every transaction.
Member Rewards: At the end of every year, we recognize our members with a special reward. This helps with loyalty, as it keeps us moving forward.
Visa Rewards: We offer options to create reward accounts. Once logged in, you can view your reward balance. Then, you will be able to redeem this balance.
Safe Deposit Box: A safe deposit box enables you to store essential items with us. Your privacy is above all.
Money Desktop: By logging into your online account, you can access all your accounts.
EFT / Wires: You can transfer funds from another financial institution to ours.
eServices: We have an online mobile banking tool that helps you access our services.
CardNav: Our CardNav allows you to locate where, when, and how you use your cards.

If any of those interest you, check out American United Federal Credit Union. We’re a trusted advisor to overcoming financial difficulties. With us, you will get access to personal and business finances.
We also coach and mentor our customers all around California and Utah. If you want to be one of the lucky ones, join us today. Tomorrow, your financial wellness will thank you.