American United Strives to
Help When Others Won’t

Our Veteran members are important to us, and we can often provide special financing and approve loans even when you’ve been denied elsewhere.

American United has strong roots with our Veteran community, having been originally founded in 1952 as the Fort Douglas VA Hospital Federal Credit Union. Today, American United still has a convenient branch located on the VA Medical Center campus, as well as 7 other branches across the Wasatch Front. Veteran wellness is near and dear to our hearts, and we strive to look out for the financial well being of our Veteran members. View all past and present Upholding Valor articles and podcasts below.

Upholding Valor Podcasts

Upholding Valor podcast focuses on men and women from all backgrounds and eras of military service. It’s our hope that this series will inspire and educate veterans to use the resources and programs they have earned while spotlighting their spirit and courage throughout our community. It’s up to all of us to look out for our veterans. Hosted by Jill Atwood, Chief of Communications of the VA in Salt Lake City, Utah, and sponsored by American United Federal Credit Union, continuously striving to “Help When Others Won’t” in our veterans’ lives.

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