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A business line of credit can expand opportunities and open new doors for your enterprise. This flexible financing option provides the versatility you need to support your daily operations, whether that means new equipment, supplies, or a marketing budget. Explore the available commercial credit lines from American United Federal Credit Union to find the solution that will bring your business to the next level.

About Our Business Credit Lines

With a commercial line of credit from American United Federal Credit Union, you can access:

  • An unsecured business line of credit with no cash advance fees and no required collateral
  • A working capital credit line, which allows you to fund payroll, outstanding debt, and facility rental
  • Credit to cover inventory, which can help your company rise to the demands of seasonal fluctuations
  • Accounts receivable loans, which allow you to access more competitive interest rates based on the security of your company’s outstanding AR


Unlike a business credit card, our corporate lines of credit carry no annual fees nor elevated interest charges for cash advances. Since our founding more than six decades ago, we have upheld our mission to help the underserved business community access the financial support they need for successful entrepreneurship.

What to Expect with Business Credit

Depending on your business’s value and credit profile, you may qualify for a credit line of as little as $1,000 up to $250,000. As with a consumer credit card, you are not responsible for interest charges until you use your credit line. For example, if you have $50,000 available and only spend $5,000, we do not charge interest on the other $45,000. As you repay the outstanding debt, that amount becomes available. The higher the amount of credit you need, the more likely that you will have to provide collateral to secure the loan. Smaller credit lines are often unsecured.

Benefits of a Business Line of Credit

A line of credit for your business provides flexible cash flow at a more favorable interest rate than you can access with a business credit card, although slightly higher than the rate for a traditional business loan. With a business line of credit, you can purchase expensive equipment that can help grow your business but exceeds your credit card limit, or would cost a significant amount of interest on your credit card. In an emergency that temporarily impacts your profit, a line of credit can bridge the gap to brighter days. You’ll have the short-term funding you need to maximize your potential cash flow.

Qualifying for a Business Credit Line

Generally, successful business credit line applicants can show several years of revenue history. However, some companies can qualify after six to 12 months of at least $12,000 to $25,000 in revenue. After you apply for the line of credit, we’ll review your company’s business license, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, bank account information, business tax returns, and personal tax returns. We will also check your business credit score, which should be at least 500 to qualify for a line of credit.

You should demonstrate that you have a plan to cover the payments on the line of credit, have a healthy projected profit over the next several quarters, and have a management team with strong financial acumen in place.

Business owners who are American United Federal Credit Union members can apply for a flexible, affordable secured, or unsecured business line of credit. We’ve been serving individuals and businesses in Salt Lake and Tooele counties since 1952 and currently have ten branches and more than 20,000 members throughout Utah. Get in touch today to learn more about our commercial credit lines and other business banking products.

Learn more about Business Lines of Credit

Accounts Receivable

To improve cash flow, many businesses opt for a loan secured by their Accounts Receivable (A/R), enabling better rate and term options.


This short term line of credit to replenish inventory is especially useful for companies that are affected by the seasonality of cash flow fluctuations.

Working Capital

Working Capital loans help pay for operational costs, such as rent, payroll, and debt payments.


Unsecured Business Lines of Credit do not require real estate, inventory, or other collateral. No cash advance fees, and no interest charges until you use the funds.

Membership required. On approved credit.  For more information visit Account Information, Terms & ConditionsCurrent Rates, and Fee Details.

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